Chest Workout With Dumbbells You Need To Try

Chest workout with dumbbells

If you’re skipping dumbbells and heading straight for the barbell every week you may want to rethink that strategy. Adding a chest workout with dumbbells to your gym rotation can increase muscle fiber activation and address any strength imbalances you don’t notice with a barbell.

Here’s why you shouldn’t skip dumbbells on chest day, and a few workouts you should try.

Benefits Of Dumbbell Training

Range Of Motion

Chest exercises done with a barbell are set at a fixed range of motion limited by the bar and your body. If you experience pain within this range of motion, there isn’t much variation available with a straight barbell.

Using dumbbells can change the arc and depth of a chest exercise specific to each person. If you’re experiencing shoulder pain, this allows you to slightly alter the range of motion to prevent or eliminate pain.

The added depth to a chest exercise done with dumbbells can also help active more muscle fibers resulting in new strength and muscle mass gains.


When you lift a heavy dumbbell, you’ll notice something you don’t usually see with a barbell. Your arms will tremble, and waver as it adapts to an unfamiliar activity.

Trying to stabilize a dumbbell increases the muscle fibers involved with your exercise. Activating and involving as many muscle fibers as possible is one of the keys to consistent growth.

Strength Imbalance

Having a strength imbalance isn’t always noticeable with a barbell. Whether you’re right or left hand dominant, using dumbbells forces each side of your body to move equal weight.

Addressing, and correcting, a strength imbalance can pay dividends with other lifts and improve your overall power.

Dumbbell Workout List

Workout #1 – Buff Dudes

Workout #2 – HASfit

#3 – BarbarianBody

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Chest workout with dumbbells

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