Chest And Tricep Workout For Mass

Chest and tricep workout

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One of the more popular fitness and bodybuilding workouts is chest and triceps. When worked together it can help maximize gains, prevent injury, and make your workouts more efficient.

Here’s why the chest and tricep workout split is so effective.

Muscle Fatigue

The primary reason professional bodybuilders will use “split” routines where they group certain muscles together is to prevent working an exhausted muscle group two days in a row.

Even though the bench press is a chest exercise, the triceps will also receive a lot of work.

If, for example, you want to work triceps on Tuesday followed by chest on Wednesday, your triceps will not have enough time to fully recover. Your weakened triceps will then influence the intensity and effectiveness of your chest workout.

You’re also placing stress on a weakened muscle group, increasing the likelihood of an injury.

Warming Up Without Fatigue

If you’re lifting heavy in the gym, everyone knows you need to have warm up sets to get the blood flowing before getting to your working sets. This can prevent injury, and help you get the most from your lifts.

When grouped together, the chest exercises will pre-exhaust and warm up your triceps so they’re ready and primed for your tricep work.

It’s proven to be an effective and efficient way to train two muscle groups that often work together. Here’s a quick list of some chest and tricep workouts you’ll want to try.

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Chest And Tricep Workout List

Workout #1

Workout #2


#4 (No Equipment)

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Chest and tricep workout

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