Butt And Thigh Workouts For Women

Butt and thigh workout
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by Healthoria.com – Improving fitness, strength, and overall health are always part of the goal. But let’s be honest, butt and thighs are at the top of most lists. Some want more shape, others want to reduce body fat, and others really want to build more muscle.

If improving lower body aesthetics is your primary goal, here’s a quick list of the best butt and thigh workouts for women.

Best Butt Exercises

If you’re unhappy with the shape of your rear, the good news is it can be influenced with resistance training. The glutes are a muscle group that can gain size and shape depending on the type of exercises you choose.

Like any other muscle group, however, it will take some time and consistent effort to see noticeable changes. Here’s some of the best glute exercises.

Goblet Squats

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Hip Thrusts

Pulsing Lunges

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Best Thigh Exercises

To Add Muscle

If your goal is to add a little muscle mass to improve the shape of your quads you’ll want to add some resistance to your exercises and workouts. An optimal rep range for adding muscle mass is to use enough weight so you’re reaching fatigue at 10-12 repetitions.

To Reduce Fat

While cardio is definitely the more efficient choice for burning body fat, you can increase your calorie burn by reducing your rest periods between sets while resistance training.

Here’s some leg exercises you’ll want to include:

Side Lunges

Plie Squat

Dumbbell Lunges

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Butt And Thigh Workouts

Workout #1 (5 min)

Workout #2 (8 min)

Workout #3 (15 min)

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Butt and thigh workouts

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