Bikini Belly In Three Weeks – Impossible?

bikini belly in three weeks

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Is it realistic to get a bikini body in just three weeks or is it just an impossible dream that only happens in the movies? You’ve likely seen pictures or heard tales of a famous singer or actress shedding twenty pounds so they could look absolutely amazing in a bikini.

And they did it in three weeks! Is this true?

Yes, actually it is.

What you don’t always hear is the miserable diet they were on, likely a cleanse or juice diet. They also have personal trainers, and it isn’t unusual for a celebrity to workout four to six hours per day when in a drastic state of weight loss.

It does happen, but it’s not a practical or realistic accomplishment for most humans. The good news is, you don’t have to be on a miserable crash diet for three straight weeks to see good results. You aren’t preparing for a photo shoot, you just want someone to complement your ass. Right?

So what can an everyday, normal human person expect in twenty one days?

Starting Point

Where you start greatly effects where you finish in the next three weeks. If you’re significantly overweight and need to lose 50+ pounds you simply don’t have enough time to achieve life altering changes. I mean, you could but you might die and stuff with the needed calorie reduction to lose 50 pounds.

What’s Hard To Change In Three Weeks

Body fat is hard to change in three weeks. You can make minor, noticeable progress but if there’s significant roll there it won’t go away easy. It may seem like your new belly fat friend showed up overnight, but it actually takes sustained overeating over a long period of time to get a prominent gut.

And the same goes for getting rid of it. It didn’t show up overnight, and body fat won’t go away over night. You can lessen the appearance of the fat you have, but truly getting rid of it will take longer than three weeks.

That’s just the truth. It sucks, but it’s real. There is still hope though, like I said, you can diminish it’s appearance with the right behavior.

What You Can Change

While body fat is hard to burn off in such a short period of time you can effect what’s underneath the fat to lessen it’s appearance.

Water Retention

Water retention is something that effects most people struggling with body composition, and it’s also one of the easiest things to address. Although it’s counter-intuitive you can reduce the amount of water weight by drinking more water.

I know, that sounds stupid, but it’s true. Your body stores and latches on to water when you aren’t getting enough. When you flush your body with a constant stream of water, your body adapts with lesser storage. You don’t need to retain water, because there’s a constant flow that you’re drinking regularly. So drink up!

Digestive Cleanse

We’re not going to get all gross or too detailed about what happens when you’re clogged up down there, but it has a significant impact on body composition. Your midsection will simply look bigger if you aren’t regular because you’re backed up, so to speak. A simple high fiber cleanse is all you need.

After cleaning out your insides, you might even be a little shocked that you dropped a few pounds. Yeah, that’s right… most of us are full of it.

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The Biggest Impact

By far the biggest impact you can have on your appearance in a bikini is simply choosing the right bikini. You can have a nice body, and still look bloated and overweight if you choose something unflattering.

It can also work in your favor, though, if you make the appropriate choice and choose something more flattering. And don’t be afraid to accessorize to “mask” your problem areas. Choosing a trendy wrap around your waist or a fancy new beach bag can take the focus off what you don’t want people looking at.

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