Bigger Arms Workout – 5 Must Do Exercises

Bigger arms workout

Written by – If you want jaw dropping, cannon sized arms, you’ll need a better strategy than just doing more arm curls every week. You’ll need to vary volume, routines, and frequency for consistent gains. If having impressive arms is your fitness goal, here’s a bigger arms workout list you’ll want to try.

How To Get Bigger Arms

Training Volume/Frequency

There’s a definite Goldilocks zone when it comes to arm training for both volume and frequency. There isn’t an all encompassing “this is what you need to do” for every lifter. How much and how often you train arms is often dictated by experience, and how long you’ve been weight training.

Someone who’s been a serious lifter for ten years can utilize advanced arm routines 3-4 times per week, but a beginner will often get injured from over training.

DO increase training frequency to at least twice per week, with at least 3 days rest between workouts.
DON’T try to work your arms everyday without allowing them to rest and recover.

You’ll Need More Than Curls

The secret to getting big arms isn’t to do more arm curls. In fact, if you’re looking for a super secret to arm gains focus more on compound lifts like squats.

I know what you’re thinking. How the hell are squats going to make my arms bigger?

One study found a direct benefit to training legs prior to arm exercises. The leg work rapidly increases growth hormone and testosterone levels, resulting in increased arm strength.

If you’re struggling with arm gains, move them to leg day to reap the benefits of surging growth hormones.

Prioritize Arm Composition

When most people visualize big arms, they think of the biceps but it’s the triceps that comprise the overwhelming majority of arm mass.

Roughly 70% of your arm size, and measurement, are from the three muscle heads of the tricep. Don’t neglect, or under train, the part of the arm with the greatest potential for size and growth.

Bigger Arms Workout List

Workout #1 – Mike Thurston

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Workout #2 – Athlean-X

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#3 – Bradley Martyn

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#4 – BarbarianBody

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Bigger arms workout

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