Bicep Workouts For Mass

bicep workouts for mass

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by – Building bigger biceps is often what draws people into the gym. They’re one of the more popular “glamour muscles”, because they’re easily seen in normal everyday clothing.

When you start getting compliments on your arms, when you aren’t even flexing, it’s a massive ego boost. But building biceps isn’t the easiest goal to accomplish in the gym.

They’re a pretty small muscle group, and require special workouts to add mass.

Tips For Adding Bicep Mass

It’s All About The Pump

If it doesn’t feel like your arms want to pop from all the blood flowing through your veins, you likely aren’t doing enough. Moving as much weight as possible isn’t the goal, and you’ll likely need to lower the weight you’re using to get into the recommended rep ranges in these bicep workouts.

Super & Giant Sets

To get the best bicep pump, and maximize blood flowing to your arms, you’ll need to incorporate more supersets and giant sets as described in the videos below.


Everyone knows what it’s like to want to improve a specific muscle group. And one of the more common strategies is to through more and more volume to force new growth. This often leads to diminished gains, and can increase risk of injury. Listen to your body and take a day off when needed.

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Bicep Workouts For Mass

Workout #1

Workout #2

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Workout #3

Workout #4 (Biceps & Tricpes)

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Bicep Workouts For Mass

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