Bicep Exercises For Women You Can Do At Home

The biceps, and arms in general, are a problem area that gets lots of attention and stares if there’s too much jiggle. The good news is they’re easy to train, and often respond quickly to resistance training. Here’s the best bicep exercises for women, and a few tips to help you reach your fitness goals.

Bicep Training Tips

To Avoid Getting Bulky

If you’d prefer to look toned and athletic and less like a bulky bodybuilder here’s a few rules to follow:

– Use light to moderate weight, instead of super heavy weight
– Use higher reps (12-15)
– Avoid entering a calorie surplus.

To Avoid Getting “Veiny”

Having noticeable veins running down your arms is something many gym-goers are proud of, and others try to avoid it like the plague. If your preference is NOT to have bulging veins on your biceps here’s what causes you to be more vascular.

– Increased muscle mass pushes veins closer to the surface of your skin.
– Low body fat percentage makes veins more visible.

If you get muscular, and also reduce body fat percentage your veins are going to be more visible.

Doing any kind of blood flow restriction training while weight lifting will also make your veins more prominent. If you wear tight, or restrictive gear that interferes with the flow of blood it can increase vascularity.

Some people do this on purpose, as a form of training, to get those veins to pop out of their sleeves.

To Add Muscle Mass

If you’re doing more bicep exercises because you want to build some muscle here’s what you can do:

– Use enough weight to reach muscle failure in the 10-12 rep range.

– Train biceps after a large muscle group like legs or back. When training large muscle groups you experience an increase in growth hormone production. Your biceps will reap the benefits of this hormone surge by training them immediately after large muscles.

– Don’t overtrain. The soreness you experience after training is a sign of damaged muscle fibers (that’s actually good). Allow your body enough time to repair the damage, and wait for the soreness to diminish before training biceps again.

Bicep Exercises And Workouts For Women

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