Best Workouts Over 40 – Top 3 Routines

Best workouts over 40

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by – If you’re over 40 and thinking about getting back into shape, you have a lot of options. But there’s more to finding a good routine than just calories burned when you’re older.

You have to worry about time invested, and more importantly, the risk of getting injured. It isn’t something many want to think about, but the likelihood of getting injured as well as the time to recover increases past forty.

Here’s a quick list of the best workouts over 40.

Shadow Boxing

Most people have hit a heavy bag a few times, but shadow boxing isn’t something most people have tried. There’s a little more to it than just punching the air. You should be moving, circling, ducking, and throwing different combinations.

Beating the crap out of a heavy bag is fun, but it can be stressful on your wrists and even your shoulders.

If you’ve never done a 15 minute shadow boxing routine, just try it once and you may fall in love with the sweet science of boxing.

Here’s a couple shadow boxing workouts:

Beginner 15 minute workout

Advanced 25 minute workout

Just a note: Kickboxing seems very similar, with a comparable calorie burn, and it even looks like more fun … BUT … it can be really hard on your knees and hamstrings. There’s also a lot of repetitive pivots that are hard on your joints.

Dumbbell Training

Gaining weight is often associated with aging, but isn’t because you’re lazy, or your body is made of dust. Right around the age of 40, is when most people will begin to lose muscle mass. This has a direct influence on your metabolic rate, and the amount of calories your body needs and burns each day.

Building, or just maintaining, muscle mass past the age of forty should become one of your primary goals to keep the weight off.

Dumbbell training is quick, and incredibly versatile without needing expensive equipment. You can train for strength, mass, endurance or calorie burn with just a few dumbbells.

Here’s some good dumbbell workouts:

15 minute dumbbell workout

20 minute dumbbell workout

Jumping Rope

Most people don’t put jumping rope on their exercise to-do list past the age of nine. But, oddly, jumping rope is a massive calorie burn and a staple used by many professional athletes.

It only takes 10-15 minutes, you don’t need a lot of room or equipment, and it isn’t too hard on your joints. Just make sure you get some decent shoes with good support, because this is where most of the stress will be.

Stuff That Isn’t Fun Anymore


Those P90X infomercials sure are convincing. And that Tony Horton guy is like 50 something years old. P90X is honestly an amazing program, and incredibly effective, but not ideal for anyone who values cartilage.

The exercise videos are quite intense, and the program is demanding requiring you to workout six days per week for 45-60 minutes. Similar programs like Shaun T’s program, and other MMA type workouts are also very challenging.

Long Distance Running

Holy crap is this a bad idea if you have the slightest problem with your knees. The repetetive pounding against the pavement will feel like a medieval beating a few hours later.

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