Best Stretches For Lower Back Pain

stretches for lower back pain

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As silly as it may sound, I’ve dreaded having to brush my teeth in the morning because I knew it would hurt my back. Having problems with your back is so incredibly frustrating, because your core is involved in all basic movements.

Mundane, every day tasks can be excruciatingly painful. Just trying to breath without wincing in pain, can be challenging.

If you’re suffering from chronic back problems, here’s the best stretches for lower back pain and the most common causes.

Common Causes Of Lower Back Pain


If you’re experiencing tingling, numbness, or pain running down one of your legs there may be too much pressure on your sciatic nerve.

Herniated Disc

There are soft cushions (discs) between your vertebrae. A herniated disc is when the soft inner part of the disc pushes through the tougher outer part of the disc. This can place excessive pressure on a nerve, resulting in back pain.

Spinal stenosis

Pain in your lower back and neck, can often be caused by a narrowing of the spaces between your spine called spinal stenosis. Often related to daily wear and tear, with increased likelihood of problems as you age.


Sitting, standing, or excessive twisting of the spine during the day can contribute to chronic back problems.


Sports, exercises, and other activities with repeated twisting can place excessive stress on the lower back. The cumulative effect of overuse can cause accelerated wear and tear.


Your posture plays a role in back pain, because slouching causes your back to support more weight than normal.

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Best Stretches For Lower Back Pain

Cat Stretches

Spine Twist

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Lower Back Pain Workout #1 (19 min)

Lower Back Pain Workout #2 (12 min)

Lower Back Pain Workout #3 (18 min)


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stretches for lower back pain

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