Best Kettlebell Exercises For Shoulders

kettlebell exercises for shoulders

Kettlebell use has evolved from a circus act in the 18th century, to competitive lifting in the 19th century, before gaining the more mainstream acceptance you see today. Kettlebells are no longer viewed as an archaic test of strength and can be used to accomplish a wide array of fitness goals.

If you want to tone or build more shoulder strength, here’s the best kettlebell exercises for shoulders you can do at home or a gym.

Kettlebell Exercise Form

If you don’t have a lot of experience with kettlebells, you’ll want to master the basics before moving to a full kettlebell workout with advanced exercises. As you start, focus on form and controlling the weight. Actively engage your core to help with stability and balance.

Even something as light as a three pound kettlebell can feel like a wrecking ball if it bangs into your shin. So give yourself a few reps to get used to the momentum of a swinging kettlebell.

Here’s the kettlebell shoulder exercises that will be a main staple of every workout.

Overhead Press

Muscles Worked:

– Deltoids
– Triceps
– Traps
– Back
– Core

Close Grip Front Raise

Muscles Worked:

– Front Deltoid
– Bicep
– Pectoralis Major

Upright Row

Muscles Worked:

– Front Deltoid
– Side Deltoid
– Trapezius
– Biceps

Best Kettlebell Workouts For Shoulders

Kettlebells can be used to build strength with heavier weight, or they can be used as part of a toning routine with lighter weight. Here’s a few kettlebell workouts for your shoulders, that can quickly improve your functional strength and stamina.

Workout #1 – Fit Gent

Workout #2 – Anabolic Aliens

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kettlebell exercises for shoulders

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