Best Exercises For Flexibility & Mobility

Best exercises for mobility

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It isn’t an exaggeration to say increasing flexibility can improve your quality of life. You’ll reduce the risk of injury, help relieve muscle tension, and impress your friends by being “super bendy”. Here’s a quick list of the best exercises for flexibility and mobility.

Importance Of Flexibility & Mobility

Reduces Risk Of Injury

One of the more common beliefs about flexibility is that it can help reduce the risk of injuries. This is true, but the benefits are more pronounced with high intensity activities. The elastic demand on a muscle-tendon is greater for something like CrossFit, and much lower for walking.

The more flexible your muscles and tendons, the better prepared they are to absorb and transfer energy during high intensity activities. Flexibility doesn’t impact low intensity activities to the same degree, because the likelihood of having a muscle-tendon injury is already low.

Reduces Tension

The process, and exercises, used to increase flexibility can also reduce muscle tension. As explained by Dr. Oz, “Stress restricts blood flow, causing tension in your muscles and lower back. Stretching stimulates receptors in the nervous system that decrease the production of stress hormones.”

Stretches and exercises for the head, neck, and back are the most likely to help reduce stress related muscle-tension.

Range Of Motion

Someone can be super flexible, and still need to work on mobility. A good way to think of flexibility and mobility are:

Flexibility: The stretchiness of your muscles
Mobility: The range of motion of your joints

Utilizing more mobility exercises can help make daily movements easier, and limit future joint pain or injury.

Exercises For Flexibility & Mobility

Workout #1 – Calisthenic Movement

Workout #2 – PsycheTruth

#3 – Tom Merrick

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Best exercises for flexibility

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