Best Exercises For Balance And Stability

Exercises for balance

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Most people don’t think about improving their balance until after an injury or a fall. Adding a few balance exercises to your workout routine can quickly improve your strength, stability, and coordination. Here’s a quick list of balance training benefits, and some of the best exercises for balance and stability.

Benefits Of Balance Training

Coordination & Athleticism

Balance training is often recommended as a form of physical therapy to help prevent falls and regain any strength you’ve lost after an injury. Balance isn’t something most people think about everyday, but it plays an integral role in all daily movements.

Focusing on balance exercise can help with coordination, athleticism, and improve your overall health.

Low Impact

Balance training is a low impact series of exercises that are easy on your knees and joints. Exercises for balance are often included with most cardio routines, but training strictly for balance doesn’t involve repetitive jumping or other impact movements.

Balance exercises are similar to what you’d find in a yoga or tai chi class. You’re asked to perform a series of poses often at a slow to moderate pace.

Improving your core, leg, and arm strength are the primary focus to help improve balance.

Train Anywhere

One of the more favorable aspects of balance training is the ability to train anywhere. At home, at the gym, and even if you’re just out for a walk. Balance exercises don’t require any special equipment and only take a few minutes to complete.

And unlike most exercises, the focus of balance training isn’t to achieve muscle fatigue. Taking a day off between cardio or resistance training is often required because of muscle soreness.

The recovery time after balance training is very short. This makes balance training a viable daily exercise routine without needing extended rest days.

Best Exercises To Improve Balance

Workout #1 – Jessica Valant

Workout #2 – Doctor Oz

#3 – HASfit

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