Best Exercises For A Rounder Butt

Exercises for a rounder butt

Written by – Some people are born with a little extra junk in their trunk, and others have to work to get a little fuller back there. The good news is your butt has a lot of muscle tissue making it possible to add shape and roundness with specific exercises.

How To Get A Round Butt

No matter where your starting point, and how flat your backside is, there’s hope. Your glutes respond quickly to certain exercises that can create a more shapely figure. Always keep in mind that in order to add shape, you need to build muscle and this process takes time.

You can’t do these exercises once and run to the mirror. All the work will be noticeable to everyone after just a few months of targeted exercises.

In addition to the exercises for a rounder butt listed below, you can also add shape by doing some of the following.

– Hiking
– Using stairs
– Incline Treadmill

If you’re trying to get a rounder, or firmer, backside here’s the best exercises for a rounder butt you should be doing regularly.

Weighted Hip Thrust

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Rear Leg Raises


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Butt & Thigh Workout (15 min)

Pin: Exercises For A Rounder Butt

Exercises For A Rounder Butt

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