Best Dumbbell Workouts For Seniors

Dumbbell workouts for seniors

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As you age your fitness goals begin to change. Your primary goals become overall health, maintaining strength and balance, along with muscle preservation. This makes weight training with dumbbells one of the best forms of exercise for seniors. Below are some of the best dumbbell workouts for seniors you can try at home or a gym.

Weight Training For Seniors FAQ

How often should seniors lift weights?

Maintaining muscle mass plays a large role in overall health as you age. Unfortunately, it also becomes more difficult to build and preserve muscle the older you become. Seniors will likely need to weight train more frequently than younger adults to achieve results.

It’s recommended for seniors to train with weighted resistance 2-3 times per week. If you have a history with injuries or struggle with range of motion, please consult a doctor before beginning.

How to select the right dumbbell weight

You should never feel pain while resistance training. One of the more common ways to experience injury is by working with the wrong dumbbell weight. Select a weight which allows you to complete 10-15 repetitions before experiencing muscle fatigue.

As you gain strength, and your repetitions increase, you can then increase the dumbbell weight in small increments.

Why is weight training important for seniors?

– Easy on joints for those with arthritis
– Improves strength making daily tasks easier
– Increases bone mass, reducing risk of fractures

Weight Training Routines For Seniors

There are hundreds of dumbbell routines to choose from, but not all are ideal for seniors. Some are too intense, and demanding. Others have training goals not specific to senior fitness.

Here’s a quick list of the best dumbbell workouts for seniors you’ll want to try.

Workout #1 – National Institute On Aging

Workout #2 – HASfit

#3 – Ehow Fitness

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