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get rid of love handles

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Most people have trouble areas with an accumulation of fat they just can’t get rid of. One of the more common, and frustrating areas, is the dreaded love handles.

How do you get rid of this specific layer of fat? You need to follow the right diet (for your lifestyle), and eliminate some specific foods.

The Love Handles Diet

There isn’t a super secret “love handles” diet that works better than others to target that specific area of your body. The key to choosing the best diet for getting rid of love handles is finding the diet you’re willing to follow for the longest amount of time.

When choosing the right diet for you, decide what you’re willing to do for the next four months without destroying your will to live.

The following diets are all incredibly effective at reducing body fat if you follow them long enough.

Intermittent Fasting

Basic Concept:

Certain hormones are elevated after twelve hours of consecutive fasting. Many of these hormones are beneficial to weight loss, and the preservation of muscle mass. Intermittent fasting uses this hormone spike on a daily basis to influence weight loss.


– Big meals
– Preserves lean muscle mass
– Simple concept
– Carbs are allowed


– 12-14 without food everyday
– Not ideal for social eating

How To Intermittent Fast


Basic Concept:

The restriction of your primary energy source (carbohydrates) influences your body to tap into stored body fat to utilize as energy. Your primary calorie source will be meat and certain high fat foods, with little to no carbohydrates each day.


– Massive amount of protein everyday
– Rapid fat loss
– High fat foods are allowed


– No bread or rice
– No sugar
– Fatigue is very common

Atkins For Beginners


Basic Concept:

Primarily a whole food diet, where you eliminate as much processed food as possible and consume a large amount of fresh fruit and produce everyday. This will eliminate many of the high carb meals and snacks that contribute to weight gain.


– Improves overall health because of food selection
– You’ll have more energy
– You’ll feel full after each meal


– Can get expensive if buying organic
– You have to do a lot of cooking

How the Paleo diet works

Weight Watchers

Basic Concept:

Weight Watchers uses a balanced diet with a well structured meal plan to create a daily calorie deficit and influence weight loss. It’s not a flashy rapid weight loss system, but it is among the most sustainable for long term weight loss.


– Proven calorie counting system
– Well entrenched support (online and in person)


– Moderate to slow weight loss

Weight Watchers for beginners

Essential Rules For Fat Reduction

While the diet concepts from the list above are all a little different, there are some common rules of fat reduction they will all follow.


It’s just incredibly challenging to meaningfully reduce body fat while on a high sugar diet. It isn’t just the massive amounts of calories that causes problems either. You also have to worry about and overcome how it effects your blood sugar, and insulin levels.

Unfortunately, switching to artificial sweeteners isn’t as helpful as we’d like. You do reduce overall calories, but it doesn’t translate into weight loss. In fact, some studies have shown a similar hormone response to artificial sweetener compared to sugar.

If you’re using artificial sweetener it can still influence your blood sugar and insulin, which has a cascading effect on other hormones and subsequent fat storage.

Switch To Whole Grains

Much like sugar, refined grains also influence insulin and blood sugar. In the refining process much of the fiber, vitamins, and minerals are removed. This causes the food to digest much faster compared to whole grain foods. The faster something digests, the more likely it is to influence blood sugar and insulin.

Elevated insulin has a high correlation with weight gain and fat storage.

When choosing foods, opt for slower digesting whole grains. White rice, white bread, and foods cooked with white flour can cause many problems while trying to shed body fat.


Your hormones play a vital role in weight management, and your sleep cycle is one of the most influential aspects of hormone regulation. Growth hormone, insulin, leptin, ghrelin and cortisol are all influenced by how much sleep you get each night.

If you’re trying to lose weight or body fat, make sure you’re getting enough sleep or your hormones will start to work against your ultimate goal.

Eliminate The Following Carbs

– Juice
– Soda
– Candy
– Ice Cream
– Donuts
– White Rice
– White Bread

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