Best Diet For Fast Weight Loss

best diet for fast weight loss

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What’s the best diet for fast weight loss? If your goal is fast weight loss, with only a few weeks in mind it’s important to optimize your diet and exercise routine to get the most fat loss possible.

In this case you’ll want to actually two very successful and popular methods of weight loss, following both regimens at the same time to get the best results.

Diet Structure – Intermittent Fasting

This part is pretty easy, but incredibly effective. Studies have shown a substantial spike in natural growth hormone following periods of fasting. Growth hormone greatly contributes to lean muscle mass, and fat burning. That’s why many professional athletes are “allegedly” using it.

Before you panic and start crying and stuff, this isn’t a religious 72 hour fast. You’re not going to test the limits of human will power. No, to get the hormone boost from intermittent fasting you simply want to separate your day into eating and not-eating blocks of time.

That’s all.

Identify 12 hours of the day when you can eat, and 12 hours when you won’t. Include your sleep cycle as part of the fast. So, let’s be real here – you’re just trying to avoid eating for four hours that you’re awake.

That shouldn’t be a huge problem for anyone. If you can extend your fasting period to 14-16 hours you’ll enter a very optimal fasting range, but 12 hours is usually the bare minimum.

Here’s a sample fasting schedule:

8am – 8pm Eat all your calories during this period of time
8pm – 8am No more eating for the day. Avoid liquid calories also.

Diet Content – Low Carb/Low Sugar

You don’t have to get sadistic and adopt a zero carb policy but you do want to significantly scale back the amount of carbs you’re eating. The best way to visualize the fat/carb relationship is by thinking of energy intake and usage like a big bucket.

Right now the bucket is half filled with energy (body fat). Your goal is to empty the stored energy and in the process remove body fat. But wait here’s the twist! When you eat an excess amount of carbs you add energy to the bucket.

So, limiting your carb intake means you’ll empty the bucket of energy (body fat) faster. The more carbs you eat the longer it will take to empty because you keep adding to that big giant bucket of fat… err, I mean energy.

Less carb intake = more body fat burned on a diet.

Although it’s in the carb section of badness, sugar deserves a mention of it’s own because it has such a massive influence on fat storage. It’s bad news, man. Just bad. It plays a large role in how and when your body decides it needs to store fat.

When there’s a flood of sugar in your system, it can elevate insulin levels leading to more fat storage. So get your sugar intake under control. Some studies are even beginning to show that artificial sweeteners have a similar effect. It might be the anticipation of sugar and something sweet that triggers an insulin spike.

So don’t overdo it with sugar substitutes either.

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Exercise – Cardio, Cardio, Cardio

Remember the goal is to burn as much fat as possible as fast as possible. So limit your activities to achieving those goals. If you’re going to hit the gym or get in a quick workout, only choose exercises optimal to fat burning.

No bodybuilding workouts, no power lifting sessions, no leisurely walks either. To successfully burn through enough calories to see a noticeable fat reduction you’ll have to choose something intense enough to get your heart rate up.

If you feel your heart pounding it means you’re churning through calories. And that’s exactly what you want! Here’s a sample list of what you can do:

Boxing/Heavy Bag work (incredible calorie burn)
Jumping rope (Also incredible burn)
P90X type video workouts

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