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barre workout

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by – Thinking about giving barre a try, but not sure what to expect? Here’s a quick explanation of the types of exercises involved, who is most likely to like it, and a barre workout list you can try before signing up for a full class.

What Is A Barre Workout?

A barre workout is a form of exercise often taught in classes emphasizing the lower body through isometric ballerina movements. It was originally created in the 1950s by Lotte Berk, a former ballerina, to help rehabilitate an injury.

Today, a barre workout has expanded to include exercises which include yoga, Pilates, and several free weight exercises.

Who Will Like Barre

Like all forms of exercise, not everyone is going to enjoy a barre class. Here’s a quick checklist to help determine whether you should give a barre workout a try.

Do You Want Leaner Legs?

All you have to do is take one look at a ballerina’s legs to know if that’s your goal. Barre will place a greater emphasis on the lower body because this is the focus of many ballet exercises. If you want lean, well toned toned legs with noticeable muscularity, barre is an ideal workout for you.

Do You Like Yoga & Pilates?

Barre blends different exercises that all share a common tempo and goal. If you enjoy yoga or Pilates workouts you’re more likely to enjoy a barre workout.

Do You Prefer A Low Intensity Workout?

If you prefer a high paced, beat the clock, type of workout like CrossFit you may not enjoy barre. The workouts are challenging, but it’s not intended to be done at a very rapid pace or high intensity level.

Barre Workout List

Workout #1

Workout #2


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