At-Home Tricep Exercises For Women

Trying to get rid of fat on the back of your arms is a common fitness goal, especially in the summer months when your arms are on full display in short sleeves. If you’re determined to tone the back of your arms and lose any hint of “bat wings”, here’s the best tricep exercises for women.

Tips For Toning Your Triceps

Avoid Excessively High Reps

Something most don’t worry about, until it happens, is inflammation due to excessive use. When you’re trying to tone a specific muscle group, and using high reps, you run the risk of causing problems with your tendons.

Feeling soreness from muscle fatigue is normal, and expected, but feeling sharp pain in your elbows, wrists, and shoulders is often an indication of overtraining.

If you’re new to resistance training, gradually increase your workload each week to avoid injury. Start with 3-5 sets of 12-15 reps for your triceps each week, and increase total sets in small increments in subsequent weeks.

Find Your Progress

Trying to get lean, and lose body fat, is just as challenging as trying to gain muscle mass. All fitness goals take time, a lot of effort, and the results aren’t immediate. You’ll find it easier to stay motivated if you measure progress with different metrics.

In addition to using a tape measure and weight scale, keep track of your stamina, strength, and even your mood. Your self confidence will change much faster than your body composition.

Be Consistent

If it only took one or two workouts to tone the back of your arms we’d all be super models, but it often takes weeks or months for your hard work to be noticeable by everyone.

Starting a fitness habit is challenging, but once that habit is well established it makes exercising every week feel normal and less of a chore.

Instead of having spontaneous, “I should workout today” gym sessions, try to schedule it at the same time every week to make it a habit.

Tricep Exercises & Workouts For Women

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