At-Home Standing Ab Workout You Need To Try

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Most people have floor sit-ups at the top of their list for most hated exercise. It’s not much fun, and the results seem to take forever. The good news is you don’t have to do traditional sit-ups to get a nice core. Here’s a standing ab workout you can do instead.

Benefits Of Standing Ab Workouts

Calorie Burn

One of the primary benefits of standing ab workouts is the increase in calories burned compared to traditional sit-ups. This is because you involve more muscle groups with standing exercises.

Your legs, shoulders, back, and your core will all get work resulting in extra calories burned.

Full Core Workout

There’s more to building a strong, toned core than just doing crunches. Traditional sit-ups are an isolation exercise that focus on your midsection but neglects other aspects of the core.

Your back, obliques, and even your hip muscles have a role in core strength. Standing ab workouts allow you to seamlessly transition from one core muscle to another in quick succession.


If you enjoy lying on the floor and doing hundreds of sit-ups you are very much in the minority, my friend. Most people hate sit-ups with a surprising amount of passion. Most standing workouts don’t even feel like an ab workout because you’re not lying on your back.

If you have problems with your neck, or lower back, you may find standing workouts less likely to cause discomfort.

Ab Workout List

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