Arm Workout For Women That’s Great For Toning

arm workout for women

Most women want a little muscle tone, but don’t aspire to look like a professional bodybuilder with thick tree trunks for arms. If you want an arm workout for women that isn’t designed for 250 pound linebackers, here’s a workout list you should try.

Types Of Arm Workouts


Dumbbell workouts are by far the most flexible in terms of accomplishing fitness goals. You can use them for toning, calorie burning, strength training, or as a mass builder.

The determining factors in how you use a dumbbell workout are the weight, and reps. Low weight and higher reps are great for toning and burning calories. While higher weight and lower reps are better for building strength and trying to add muscle mass.


Kettlebell training might feel a bit awkward at first, because most people aren’t used to swinging a ten pound weight next to their head. But the benefits of kettlebell training are quite rewarding, even if you’re only working on your arms.

Because most movements involve swinging a weight, this forces your core to actively engage as it tries to stabilize your body. Kettlebells are great for toning, and building strength, but not ideal for trying to build significant muscle mass.

3 at-home kettlebell workouts


Bodyweight training is a do-anywhere workout that doesn’t require special equipment. They’re great for toning, strength and muscle endurance. Arm workouts with just your bodyweight are ideal for traveling when you’re stuck in a hotel, or when you’re short on time.


Barbell training is great for trying to add muscle mass, and increase strength but are rarely used for toning in cardio routines. Barbells are a gym staple of every bodybuilding and Olympic training routine.

Best Arm Workouts For Women

Workout #1

Workout #2


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Arm workout for women

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