Ab Workout With Weights

ab workout with weights

If you can’t get your abs to pop, no matter how many crunches you do, you may want to mix in an ab workout with weights. It can increase the intensity to kick-start muscular development, and makes your core look like it’s sculpted from granite.

Why Use Weights

Advanced Ab Training

As with all physical activities, the adaptive process of your muscles will work for and against you. Your core will adapt to repetitive routines with new muscle resulting in increased endurance and strength.

This is definitely good.

It also means, after your body adapts, beginner and intermediate ab workouts are unlikely to be challenging enough to stimulate further progress.

Adding resistance can restart the adaptive process, and significantly increase your ab workout intensity without making your workout longer.

Muscular Development

If your primary goal is a flat, well toned, stomach adding weights to your ab work isn’t really needed. Adding resistance can help with muscular development, but it isn’t a calorie burner. So, if you still have a lot of belly fat adding weights won’t help get rid of it faster.

If your goal is to have a noticeably muscular core, with abs that “pop”, adding resistance to your ab work is almost mandatory.

Here’s Michelle Lewin making an ab workout with weights look easy, lol.

Best Ab Workouts With Weights

Workout #1 – FitnessBlender

Workout #2 – Athlean-X

#3 – Anabolic Aliens

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ab workout with weights

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