Ab Workout For Beginners

Ab workout for beginners

Fitness goals are more likely to be achieved when treated like any other goal. If you want to climb Mount Everest one day, you don’t start by climbing Mount Everest. You start with something smaller and more achievable for beginners. If you want a tighter mid-section, start with an ab workout for beginners.

It’s challenging enough to produce results, but not so intense that it crushes your spirit and willingness to continue.

Ab Tips For Beginners


There’s quite a few gym phrases that can be chalked up to superstition or bro-science, but one you can’t ignore is “abs are made in the kitchen”. While you can’t eat your way to rock hard abs, you can absolutely negate all your hard work in the gym by ignoring your diet.

If you’re on a quest for a more defined mid-section you’ll need a plan for the gym and a plan for the kitchen. Here’s a few things to clean up:

– Limit sugar
– Reduce refined carbohydrates
– Eat more whole grains
– Limit fast and fried foods
– Reduce sugary drinks (soda, juice)

If you have several inches on your waist to lose, a great diet for pure fat loss is Keto.


An ab workout can make your core stronger, and build the six-pack, but seeing all your hard work often requires an increase in cardio. Most people can build a muscular core without much trouble.

It’s getting your total body fat to a level where you can see your abs that most people struggle with.

Someone that’s 50 lbs overweight can have a really strong, muscular core. But they have too much belly fat covering their abs, so you don’t see their six-pack.

Ab workouts = more core muscularity
Cardio workouts = reduces body fat so you can see your core better

Here’s a few cardio workouts that can burn a lot of calories in just a few minutes.


Your core is a lot more complex than just the visible six-pack abs everyone wants. There’s over 30 different muscles involving the abdominal, back, and hips. You won’t be able to get a thorough core workout from just crunches.

The workouts below utilize planks, twists, and some standing ab work to develop a powerful and well balanced core.

Ab Workout List For Beginners

Workout #1 – Body Fit By Amy

Workout #2 – Bowflex

#3 – MadFit

#4 – HASfit

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Ab workout for beginners

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