Ab Exercises For Women To Sculpt Your Core

Ab exercises for women

Written by Healthoria.com – If getting visible abs were as easy as doing a few sit-ups, everyone would be walking around with a 6-pack. Training efficiency, variation, and frequency all play equal roles in getting an attention grabbing core. If having a sculpted mid-section is your fitness goal, here’s the best ab exercises for women and some important rules you’ll need to follow.

How To Train Abs

It Takes More Than Crunches

A well rounded ab routine should include more than just getting on the floor and banging out 100s of crunches. Your core has over 30 different muscles, making it necessary to train it from multiple angles for well balanced development.

Your core is also engaged, and gets significant work from most compound movements in a gym like squats and deadlifts. This is why most ab work is done at the end of a workout. You don’t want to exhaust your core right before its needed with a heavy compound lift.

Don’t Do It Everyday

Having visible abs is a powerful image, conveying your level of fitness in a very tangible way. People often want abs so badly they commit to ab work every single day hoping to reach their goal faster.

Your abs, and core, are no different than any other muscle group. They need ample time to recover after intense training. If your abs are still tight, and sore, from your last workout they’re not ready for another round.

You Only Need 10-15 Minutes

One of the worst things you can do is over-train your abs. Doing several hundred sit-ups, or turning your core training into a marathon session is a fast track to getting hurt. It’s more than just your abs that are under tension while core training.

Your neck, and lower back are also under a tremendous amount of stress. Your goal should be to get a thorough ab workout in less than 15 minutes.

Best Ab Exercises For Women

Workout #1

Workout #2


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Ab exercises for women

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