8 Ways To Suppress Your Appetite

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ways to suppress your appetite

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If you’re always hungry, even a few short hours after a meal, it’s likely the result of the food you choose and what you’re eating between meals.

Here’s some simple ways to suppress your appetite and stay within your daily calorie budget.

Eat Protein In The Morning

Most of us are in the habit of eating carb dense meals for breakfast. It’s fast, convenient and relatively cheap. But it also contributes heavily to hunger cravings later in the day.

Studies have shown eating lean protein for breakfast will help control your hunger for much of the morning and helps you avoid constant hunger.

Eat A Grapefruit

The all day grapefruit diet is incredibly unpleasant, and not recommended for every meal but it’s diet theory is built on a sound principle. Eating a grapefruit has shown to lower your insulin which plays a prominent role in hunger, fat, and body weight.

Consider eating half a grapefruit first thing in the morning or as an afternoon snack.

Eat More Almonds

Almonds are one of the more effective foods for suppressing your appetite. It’s full of protein, fiber and unsaturated fat. Eating a handful can help you make it to your next meal without grazing through the pantry because you’re still hungry.

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Have A Piece Of Dark Chocolate

Most sweets are going to increase your hunger cravings, but dark chocolate is one of the few exceptions. It’s also packed with antioxidants and can help improve blood pressure.

Drink More Water

Water plays an important role in nearly every function from digestion to building muscle and storing energy. It also plays a role in hunger and over eating.

Drinking more water will physically fill your stomach, providing the sensation of being full. Also keep in mind much of our water comes from the food we eat. Hunger cravings can be a symptom of your body wanting more water.

Drink Coffee (No Sugar)

Drinking black coffee first thing in the morning is one of the most effective ways to suppress your appetite for several hours. Just don’t ruin the practice by flooding the coffee with creamer and sugar. All that sugar influences hormones that increase hunger cravings.

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Drink Green Tea

Much of our mood, cravings and hunger are controlled by hormones. There are hormones that influence you to eat, and there are also hormones that influence feeling satiated. Green tea has proven to promote the hormones that make you feel full, and reduces hunger.

Eat Slower

When you were a kid you were most likely told to slow down and chew your food. This was often a concern of choking on a pork chop or something. The practice of eating slower also pays dividends when it comes to weight and hunger.

There is a time gap between when you physically eat something, and when the hormones kick in telling you you’re full. Eating slower allows the process to be more in sync and help you feel full and satisfied much longer.


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