8 Habits That Cause Severe Weight Gain

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habits that cause weight gain

by Healthoria.com

When you’re 20-50 pounds overweight you’ve likely adopted eating and behavior patterns that compounds your problem. You’re so well entrenched in your daily and weekly eating rituals, you don’t even see what’s wrong anymore.

Here’s the most common habits that cause you to gain and retain excessive body weight.

Comfort Food

We all have issues. Some are stress related, anger problems, depression, anxiety — every human person has emotional obstacles. People who are overweight often use food as a coping mechanism to deal with personal problems.

The sad reality of this behavior is your weight and body image can become one of the reasons you seek comfort.

The next time you feel sad, depressed, or just overwhelmed with life talk to someone or write about it in a journal. No, it doesn’t immediately solve the issue but it’s a form of coping that helps your mind move through grief and emerge from emotional stress.

TV Might Be Evil and Stuff

There’s really two primary problems with watching a lot of television. One, it keeps us on the couch instead of doing something more active. Two, we usually eat while watching TV.

It’s not practical or sustainable to cut television from your life all together. It’s firmly ingrained in our culture, but you should make a conscious effort to balance TV with a more active lifestyle.

Eating Because You’re Bored

Eating can become a hobby if there’s nothing to occupy your mind or your time. If you find yourself eating when you aren’t hungry, or eating something you don’t even particularly like you might just be bored.

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Choosing The Wrong Snacks

We all eat snacks. The skinny people you see in magazines eat snacks too. Most normal people don’t eat three meals a day and nothing between or after. The difference usually lies with what we choose to eat for those snacks.

Lean and fit people usually eat carrots, vegetables or some form of protein. The not-so-lean, reach for potato chips or girl scout cookies.

Ice Cream Every Night

Let’s be real, if Satan made breast-milk it would taste like ice cream. It’s one of those guilty pleasures we know is bad for us but we do anyway. As with most food, eaten in moderation ice cream isn’t going to kill you.

It’s when it becomes a daily and nightly ritual that compounds its negative effects on weight management. If you’re a dessert lover, and need something every night try a Popsicle night or fruit salad night once a week.

Fast Food Five Nights A Week

Once a poor eating habit is well integrated into your daily life, you don’t even realize it’s there. It’s normal in your eyes. Pizza, Thursday. Krispy Kreme, Monday. It becomes a weekly ritual that doesn’t seem harmful because it’s been a part of your life for years.

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Celebrating Everything With Cake

There are obvious times to celebrate with delicious fat inducing food, and there’s times when you need to use some restraint. Your child’s birthday? Okay, I get that. But your co-worker’s fourth cousin just turned nine?

Nope. That’s not a good enough reason for you to whip out the cake pan, chocolate icing, and start baking.

Rewarding Everything With Food

“What’s that, Susie? You finished fourteenth in your third grade spelling bee? I’m making a cake!”

When you really want cake, you’ll take any reason to get some. Often that means using our own interests and desires, to reward someone else’s achievement.

What’s odd, is how we choose to reward someone else in a manner we would choose. With food. Not a thoughtful card, or a nice gift certificate. No, Timmy wants some double fudge.

Because I’m hungry.

Eating Every Morsel In Front Of You

“Don’t waste food”, is a behavior pattern established for most people in their childhood. You were expected to clean your plate, and eat everything placed in front of you. It wasn’t malicious, or a sinister plot to enhance the size of your ass.

It was normal, and expected. Fast forward ten or twenty years, and that behavior is still there. You clean your plate, even when you’re full. Sometimes you may not even like what you’re eating, but you still eat every single morsel.

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