8 Exercises To Build Bigger Triceps

exercises to build bigger triceps

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by Healthoria.com – Having bigger, more muscular, arms is often a driving force when you first walk into a gym. It’s among the more popular glamour muscles, because they’re clearly on display every time you put on a short sleeve shirt.

Most, however, focus a great deal of time and energy developing bicep mass to the detriment of their triceps. You’ll see guys with well rounded biceps, and a severely lagging tricep.

What these guys haven’t realized yet, is the tricep is a considerably larger muscle group compared to the bicep.

You have the potential to add more mass to the tricep than the bicep. It’s estimated that the tricep comprises up to 70% of your “bicep measurement”.

So, getting bigger arms really means getting bigger triceps if we’re being honest. Below is a list of the best exercises to build bigger triceps.

Tricep Philosophy

The tricep got it’s name because there are literally three muscle heads that make up the tricep. To develop a full, well balanced tricep you’ll need to train each head with equal time and enthusiasm.

You can specify which muscle head to stress by altering your grip (wide, narrow, shoulder width) and hand position in most exercises.

Avoiding A Growth Plateau

Your triceps are no different than any other muscle group. They’ll need adequate rest, to allow the muscle fibers to recover and grow, and you’ll also need to constantly change your routines.

Everyone develops a favorite exercise but it’s important to rotate everything you do and constantly challenge your body to adapt and grow. Your muscles will adapt to a consistent, never changing routine which leads to a plateau.

You can avoid a growth plateau by:

– Choosing different tricep exercises each week
– Vary the weight and repetitions each week
– Incorporate supersets with three or four exercises

A diverse group of exercises will train the tricep from different angles and include more muscle fibers which is what you need to consistently grow.

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The Best Tricep Exercises

1 – Close Grip Bench Press

2 – Skull Crushers

3 – Tricep Push-downs

4 – Seated Dumbbell Tricep Presses

5 – Dumbbell Kick Backs

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6 – Diamond Push Ups

7 – Dips

8 – Bench Tricep Press

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exercises for bigger triceps

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