7 Minute Toned Shoulders Workout

Tone shoulders workout

Written by Healthoria.com – Are people poking your shoulder because they think your “squishy” shoulder fat is cute? Having soft shoulders can be a little frustrating, but the good news is your shoulder muscles respond to resistance training pretty fast. Below is a targeted toned shoulders workout list you should definitely try.

Toned Shoulders Workout Tips


You can influence the shape, and tone of your shoulders with the reps you’re using with each exercise. The goal is to use the right amount of resistance (dumbbells or bands) to reach complete muscle fatigue in the following rep ranges.

To get leaner: 12-15 reps
To get bigger: 10-12 reps
Get stronger: 6-8 reps


The pace, and intensity, of your shoulder workout will dictate the results. A long rest period between exercise sets is great for building strength, allowing ample time to fully recuperate before the next set.

But long rest periods aren’t great for toning.

You want to keep your rest periods relatively short, in the 30-60 second range. This will keep your heart rate slightly elevated, to help burn fat, and keep your shoulders under constant stress.

Balanced Shoulder Development

Something most people don’t really think about when exercising shoulders is the importance of balance. There are three distinct shoulder muscles (front, side, rear) giving the rounded appearance when well developed.

Spending too much time training one shoulder head, and neglecting others, contributes to shoulder injuries and nagging pain.

Train all three shoulder heads equally, with the goal of having well balanced shoulder development.

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Toned Shoulders Workout List

Workout #1

Workout #2



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Toned shoulders workout

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