6 Shoulder Exercises For Shape And Definition

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shoulder exercises for shape

By Healthoria.com

I was always told there are three primary muscle groups with the greatest influence on the perception of power and physical prowess. They just make you look like an uber athlete when well developed. The muscle groups are the forearms, calves, and shoulders.

Forearms and calves seem to be heavily influenced by a genetic ceiling. You kind of need good genetics to develop them to an impressive level.

The shoulders, however, are not limited to genetics. Everyone can develop nice, muscular shoulders, with some effort and proper training.

These the the six essential shoulder exercises for shape and aesthetics. These aren’t for building power and strength. This is just about sculpting round, impressive looking, shoulder meat.

Avoiding Injury

Your shoulders are surprising easy to hurt, especially if you choose to work with heavy weight. Another common problem is when you overdevelop one area of the shoulders. Ever see someone with massive front deltoids, but a barely there rear shoulder? That’s a symptom of an injury waiting to happen.

You’ll want to focus on the three heads of the shoulder muscles with equal vigor, and not just because it looks pretty. It will help avoid injury if you have well balanced shoulder development.

First, Warm Up The Rotator

It only takes three minutes and will dramatically reduce the likelyhood of hurting the rotator cuff.

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Front Deltoids

Front Dumbbell Laterals

Upright Rows

Side Deltoids

Standing Side Laterals

Lying Dumbbell Laterals

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Rear Deltoids

Seated Rear Dumbbell Laterals

Bent Wide Grip Rows

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