5 Ways To Prevent Diet Failure

prevent diet failure

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by Healthoria.com – If you’ve struggled with multiple diets, each ending in failure, you’re not alone. There are some consistent and repetitive mistakes people usually make that set them up for disappointment. Below are five ways to prevent diet failure, and help you reach your weight loss goal.

Cleanse Your Kitchen

One of the best ways to prevent cheating and temptation is to cleanse your kitchen. Go through every drawer and every cupboard and get rid of everything that isn’t part of your diet. And, I’m going to be honest, throwing away food you love is going to feel like a really bad breakup.

But it’s necessary. Just like the end of a bad relationship, you don’t want to keep pictures of your ex hanging on the wall making you miserable. Make sure there aren’t traces of your former eating lifestyle to cause temptation and make you feel miserable.

Establish Accountability

“Find a buddy! Everyone one buddy up!”

It’s become a punchline, and a running joke but there’s proven psychological benefits to establishing accountability. Accountability can be improved in several ways. You can take the journey with a friend, or your spouse. You can also keep a written daily journal to make your goals feel more concrete.

Simply explaining, in detail, your diet plan to someone creates a mental accountability that you’ll feel obligated to uphold. When you have a “secret diet”, that no one knows about because you have talked about it with anyone — those are the most likely to fail.

Tell someone your goal. Get someone to join goal. Or just write it down to give yourself an added psychological edge.

“I’m going to keep doing this, because that’s what I told everyone I would do.”

It works.

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Use The Power Of Habit

Routines are part of our culture and we all like predictable behavior. Our minds and bodies also like predictable routines. We eat, sleep, brush our teeth, and go to work at the same time everyday.

A deeply ingrained routine becomes very hard to break, it’s just what you do. It becomes life. Use the power of habit in your favor. Get into a well established routine, so you feel compelled to continue positive behavior.

If you’re going to exercise, establish a consistent day and time. If you want to workout on Saturday at 9am, do that every week. It won’t take long before that becomes a mental routine. It won’t be a struggle to convince yourself to exercise.

You’ll wake up and realize it’s Saturday, and on Saturday’s you exercise. It’s your routine. It’s what you do.

Plan Your Treats

Cheating is only cheating if it isn’t part of your diet plan. It’s those impulsive choices that add an extra 200-300 calories that really wreck your entire day.

Instead of fighting relentless temptation, plan your treats so it’s part of your meal plan. Allocate some calories to one slice of chocolate cake once per week. Or give yourself a few calories everyday for a small chocolate candy.

Make it part of the plan instead of letting unplanned calories creep into your meal plan every day because you have a sweet tooth.

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Don’t Skip Meals

On the surface it may seem like skipping one of your meals is the best way to reduce calories. If you were to skip breakfast every morning, you could then eat normally the rest of the day and still lose weight.

In theory, it sounds like it should work. But in practice, in results in extreme hunger cravings and overeating later in the day.

The worst thing you could do on any diet, is restrict your calories to the point you feel like you’re being punished. You want to restrict calories with a practical plan that is viable long term.

Ask yourself, “Is this something I can do for the next six months?” If the answer is a definite “No”, then you’re already on the path to failure. Set yourself up for success and make changes that are more reasonable.

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Prevent diet failure

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