5 Ways To Get Toned Arms

ways to get toned arms

Wanting to get toned arms is a very common fitness goal, but something most people struggle with. An important element of success is choosing the right exercise for your fitness level. You’ll also want to set yourself up for success by choosing activities you enjoy, and look forward to each week.

If you hate doing push-ups with an undying passion, cross bodyweight routines off your to-do list. Here’s five different ways to tone your arms that you might want to try.


Toning requires a combination of resistance training to build a little muscle, and cardio to burn off body fat. When it comes to burning calories, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has proven to be the most efficient workout.

The “high intensity” part sounds intimidating enough to scare people away thinking it’s an advanced routine, but HIIT is specific to your personal endurance and intensity level. You don’t need to work at a pace considered high intensity for a professional athlete.

You just need to exercise at a high level of intensity for your personal fitness level.

How Long It Takes: 10-20 Minutes
How Often You Do It: 1-2 workouts per week (not an everyday workout)

Example Routines: 3 at home HIIT workouts

Resistance Bands

Resistance band exercises can help you build strength, tone your arms, and are accessible to all levels of fitness. The strength of the band you choose can be light enough for beginners, or heavy enough to challenge more seasoned athletes.

While not as popular as in years past, resistance bands offer several benefits compared to other resistance training.


– Do anywhere workouts (no gym needed)
– Easily portable equipment
– Bands are very affordable compared to other equipment
– Benefits all levels of fitness

How Long It Takes: 5-15 minutes
How Often You Do It: 2-3 workouts per week

Example Routines:


All kettlebell routines will help tone your arms to some degree. Even routines designed to focus on your legs, with lots of squats, will indirectly tone your arms because you’re required to grip the kettlebell for the duration of the routine.

You’ll need to actively engage your grip and forearms to stabilize the weight with each kettlebell exercise. The swinging of the kettlebell can also help tone the back of your shoulders, which is often neglected in most resistance workouts.


– Most exercises engage your core
– Increases shoulder strength
– Grip and forearm strength

How Long It Takes: 15-20 minutes
How Often You Do It: 2-3 workouts per week

Example Routines: Kettlebell workouts for toning arms

Bodyweight Training

You don’t need to invest in any special equipment to tone your arms. All you really need is your bodyweight, and about 10-15 minutes. A simple routine of push-ups, bench dips, and burpees can torch calories and tone your arms pretty fast.

Bodyweight training can also provide a more natural range of motion, which can limit injuries from using machines or free weights.


– Minimal equipment needed (bench or chair)
– Natural range of motion exercises
– No gym needed

How Long It Takes: 10-20 minutes
How Often You Do It: 2-4 workouts per week

Example Routines: At home bodyweight workouts

Dumbbell Training

Dumbbells are great for isolating specific muscle groups you want to improve. Whether you’re unhappy with the back of your arms, or the tone of your biceps, dumbbells can help focus on those specific areas with targeted exercises.

Dumbbells can also help you achieve a wide variety of fitness goals.

Kettlebells and bodyweight training, fore example, are limited in the available resistance. Bodyweight training is limited by your personal weight, and kettlebells are not ideal for super heavy weight training.

Dumbbells offer incredible flexibility, allowing you to train at the ideal resistance for your personal goal. You can even include light dumbbells with your favorite cardio workout to increase the intensity and calories burned.


– Isolates specific muscle groups
– Great for varied fitness goals (strength/endurance/toning)
– Dumbbells can be added to most cardio workouts

How Long It Takes: 10-20 minutes
How Often You Do It: 1-2 workouts per week

Example Routines: At home dumbbell workouts

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ways to get toned arms

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