5 Ways To Fall Asleep Faster

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Ways to fall asleep faster

by Healthoria.com

Trying to get through the day after a night of only four hours sleep, is depressing and a little painful. If you’re struggling to consistently get a good night sleep, here’s some easy ways to fall asleep faster.

Exercise During The Day

Exercise plays a role in our mood, health, and even our sleep cycles. It can also help relieve stress, making falling asleep in a timely manner a little more probable. You don’t have to become a workout warrior, if your primary goal is to improve sleep. A quick 20 minute workout each day is enough to reap the benefits.

You’ll want to make sure you exercise several hours before bed, so you have enough time to unwind. Too much stimuli, like exercising, right before bed can make the problem worse.

Relax & Unwind Before Getting Into Bed

If you’re a busy person, with a demanding work or family schedule, you tend to think of going to bed as the finish line. You’re running 100 mph, then climb into bed hoping for some peace and quite.

Unfortunately, our minds don’t work as reliably as an off switch. If your mind is occupied ten minutes before climbing into bed, it will be occupied as you try to fall asleep. Give yourself a little more time to relax, and unburden your mind before climbing into bed.

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Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is often attributed with making people fall asleep, and this is true. But it doesn’t help with the quality of sleep. So if you’re using a glass of wine to help you doze off, it may actually be interrupting your deep sleep cycle (REM).

Choose A Good Book Over Social Media

A steady flow of up to the minute stimuli is always within an arms reach. Whether it’s your phone or tablet, having information so readily available has made communicating easier but can also over stimulate your eyes when trying to fall asleep.

Having a light source close to your eyes can cause unwanted stimuli, unlike reading a book for 20-30 before drifting off to sleep.

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Don’t Let Your Mind Run Wild

This is incredibly frustrating. You made a conscious effort to go to be an hour early to get some much needed rest. You’re in bed, wanting to fall asleep — but can’t. Tossing and turning, your mind churns through your inner thoughts. You replay memories and conversations, and this can go on for hours.

You don’t want lying in bed to be associated with constant mental stimulus. When this happens, and your mind is racing instead of relaxing, you need to disrupt the pattern and physically leave your bed. Even if it’s for just 15 minutes.

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