5 Ways To Be A Good Friend

Every relationship will have challenges to overcome, and friendships are no different. There are going to be critical moments defining who you are as a friend. Some mistakes can cause long lasting, irreversible damage. Here’s five ways to be a good friend, and build a lasting friendship.


One of the greatest gifts you can give to someone in a time of need is your attention. Put your phone down, look them in the eye, and give them your undivided attention. It’s a horrible feeling when you’re opening your soul to a close friend and it feels like they’re disinterested.

When you have someone you care for, their problems are your problems. Be in the moment and listen without judgement.

Keep Their Secrets

If sensitive information has been given to you, treat it like a national secret. Unless you’re a third grader, your friends shouldn’t have to tell you not to tell anyone. Be the vault everyone turns to when they need a shoulder to cry on.

Lock away secrets and deeply personal conversations as if your friendship depends on it. Because in many ways, it does.

Be Loyal

Support, encouragement, and unconditional love are the hallmarks of a great friendship. Be there when it matters most, in the good times and the bad. Everyone struggles to see the light in their darkest moments.

A loyal friend will rush over in the middle of the night, just because you need a hug.

Be Honest

A good friend isn’t a “Yes-man” that always agrees and tells you everything you want to hear. A good friend does the hard stuff. They’ll tell you the truth, even when they know it isn’t what you want to hear, but it’s in your best interest to hear it.

One of the fastest ways to fracture any relationship is by being dishonest, or manipulative.

Make Time

Finding time for friends is among the many challenges of lasting friendship. Family, work, travel, and just life in general chip away at your free time over the years.

The more time you spend with someone, the stronger your bond becomes. And, unfortunately, the opposite is also very true. Friendships begin to fade as you spend less and less time together.

Make time for those important to you. If the friendship matters, find a way.

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