5 Tips To Help Keep Weight Off For Good

How to keep weight off

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Losing ten pounds is an amazing accomplishment. It requires long term discipline, dedication and motivation. As most people realize, it can be just as challenging to prevent unwanted weight from returning. Here’s five tips to help keep weight off after a successful diet.

Make Some Diet Changes Permanent

After weeks, and sometimes months, of dieting it can feel like a huge relief to live a less restrictive life. But one of the primary reasons for regaining lost weight is a regression to past eating behavior. To keep weight off, you’ll want to integrate some diet changes into a more permanent way of eating.

Here’s a few things you should continue:

– Calorie counting/journal
– Reduce high sugar foods
– High protein meals
– Increase fiber with meals

Stock Up On Healthy Food Choices

Convenience, and a lack of healthy food choices is more important than you may realize. When you don’t have readily available healthy snacks in the cupboard, it makes reaching for a bag of potato chips so much easier.

You’re able to justify eating junk food, because there was nothing else to eat.

A few healthy snacks to always have:

– Popcorn
– Pickles
– Sugar free popsicles
– Beef jerky

Prepare Meals In Advance

There’s a few benefits to preparing a few of your weekly meals in advance.

1) Calorie tracking. Preparing your own meals will always provide a better opportunity to track calories compared to eating at a restaurant.

2) You’re less likely to eat an unhealthy meal. Committing to something as simple as eating a healthy meal you’ve already prepared has huge psychological benefits. It’s like signing a contract, or verbally making a commitment. You’ll feel guilty if you don’t follow through.

Except this time, that guilt works in your favor to help keep weight off you don’t want returning.

Don’t Overcompensate For Lost Weight

It’s okay to return to a more normal way of eating. This includes desserts, and eating out at a restaurant once or twice per week. But you want to avoid a mindset that allows you to overeat because you just lost ten or twenty pounds.

Many feel they deserve a good meal as a reward after losing a significant amount of weight. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with rewarding yourself. Just don’t wreck all your hard work, and discipline, by rewarding yourself with a barrel of ice cream every day of the week.

Commit To Staying Active

It’s very common to feel a little burned out if you’ve been going to the gym 4-5 days a week to lose a few pounds. While you may not need to visit the gym quite as often to avoid regaining weight, you definitely don’t want to completely abandon your exercise regimen.

Staying active will do more than keep your waistline trim. It will also maintain long term heart health, and reduce stress from a busy work and home life.

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