5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Owning A Cat

Health benefits of owning a cat

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Watching a cat video may be good for an occasional laugh, but owning a cat can alter and improve your long-term health. Your furry little friend does more than look cute and beg for treats, you know. He can actually help you live longer. Here’s five interesting health benefits of owning a cat you may not know about.

Reduced Anxiety & Stress

Cats are notoriously independent creatures, which makes them very low maintenance pets. A dog, on the other hand, needs more attention with constant training, walking, and potty trips. Having a cat can trigger calming chemicals to help reduce stress and anxiety without all the fuss of a high maintenance pet.

Heart Health

While feeling stressed and anxious is bad enough on its own, the cumulative effect of constant stress is bad for your heart. The calming benefits of having a purring cat next to you is more influential than most realize. A recent study that followed 4,000 cat owners for ten years found that owning a cat reduced the likelihood of dying from heart attack by up to 30%.

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Sometimes you just need someone to sit on your chest and listen to your problems. Whether you had a rough day at work, or your car just broke down, everyone has a moment of need. The purring affection of a ten pound ball of fur, whose primary goal is to love you, can help fill your need for companionship.

Fewer Allergies (For Children)

Owning a cat won’t help reduce allergies for full grown adults, but early exposure for children has shown to reduce their allergies later in life. Children who were raised with indoor cats (or dogs) during the first year of life were 66 – 77 % less likely to develop common allergies as adults.

You’ll Be More Attractive

While owning a cat won’t change your physical characteristics, or get you a modeling contract, it can alter the perception of your attractiveness, particularly for men. Walking a puppy is a safe bet to melt a few hearts, but men who own a cat are the true winners. Women perceive men who own a cat as nicer and more caring compared to those who don’t.

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Benefits of owning a cat

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