5 Signs You’re Dating Someone Selfish

Written by Healthoria.com – For every prince charming there’s a selfish jerk that makes you hate rainbows and question why the world needs butterflies. People who are selfish, and have narcissistic traits, make being in a relationship feel unbearable. Here’s five signs you’re dating someone selfish.

They Have A Lot Of Rules

When you enter a relationship with a selfish, or narcissistic, person they’ll help you achieve their desired expectations with numerous rules.

Some rules are pretty harmless, and a bit comical, at first. Like where utensils need to be, or how you’re supposed to arrange the pillows.

And then there are rules that cross into a creepy need to control your behavior. If you’ve been given “deadlines” for when you need to arrive home or complete a task, you should be worried.

You Have To Nag Them

Children are forgetful, absent minded, and for the most part, less than dependable. They’re children.

As adults, we don’t enter relationships with the hopes of endlessly nagging our significant other. It’s not fun, and makes everyone unhappy.

When you have to constantly nag a full grown adult to do something, it indicates more than just laziness. Dismissing, “forgetting” or ignoring your request is a passive-aggressive way to assert control in a relationship.

It also tells you their happiness is more important than yours.

They’re Manipulative

A selfish person will hone the skill of getting what they want through practiced manipulation. Instead of directly making a request, they will use persuasive tactics to influence your behavior and decision making.

Here’s a few things to look for:

Make you feel inadequate and insecure
Pressure you into making a quick decision
Lying or being deceptive
Not giving whole truths or withholding information
Use aggression to assert dominance (Raise voice, slam doors)

They Interrupt Or Talk Over You

Someone talking over you is incredibly frustrating, but it’s more than just a rude habit. It conveys some painful truths about a person and their relationship.

The first truth is they don’t respect you enough to wait for you to finish a sentence. They also don’t value your opinion and thoughts as much as their own.

People who are selfish truly believe others are grateful, or at least should be, every time they speak. Talking over you is a dismissive way to cast your voice aside, and establish a dominant precedent in the relationship.

They’re letting you know who is more important, and who’s opinion matters most.

They Undermine And Sabotage Your Goals

One of the truly heartbreaking aspects of being with someone selfish is how they actively try to help you fail. It’s subtle, but consistent.

They will make demands on your time, or attention, to limit your progress. A selfish person will also make you feel guilty for pursuing a personal goal and use your relationship, children, and your family as leverage to get you to stop.

Why, though? It’s partly due to the spotlight they want shining brightly on themselves. Your success takes that spotlight away.

Your success can also make a selfish person look or feel less important.

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