5 Signs Your Relationship Can Be Saved

relationship can be saved

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by Healthoria.com – Every relationship will go through tough, stressful times but it doesn’t have to be the end. The strongest relationships share important traits, core values, and life moments to survive the storm and stay together.

Here’s five strong signs your relationship can be saved.

You’re Still Friends

Everyone argues, everyone has problems, but not everyone will truly like and enjoy spending time with their significant other. If they’re still someone you truly look forward to being with, there’s hope.

At your happiest time, you could spend a two hour car ride together and make each other giggle and laugh like children. Is that still there? Or have you reached the point where you would sit in complete, awkward silence for two straight hours?

You Still Tell Them Everything

When the relationship can’t be saved, there’s a distance that grows and grows, preventing needed communication to repair the core problems.

If you still trust your partner enough to share intimate and sensitive details, it’s a good indication the relationship can be saved. It means you can still talk about anything, including what’s really wrong and how to reach a lasting resolution.

If, on the other hand, you withhold thoughts and emotions because you don’t trust them with the most personal details of your life it will be difficult to move forward.

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The Problem Isn’t The Relationship

It isn’t always you. It isn’t always them. And sometimes it isn’t even the relationship that’s the problem. If the stress, and constant arguing are from a source outside of the relationship you’re more likely to reach an acceptable, long term resolution.

If you’re always fighting because you have long work hours, preventing you from being together, is the problem the relationship or your job?

You Don’t Want Someone New

When you’re ready to move on, and concede the relationship, you start to think about who you’d want to be with. Their differences, specific qualities you want, and how you don’t want to be with the same type of person that doomed this relationship.

If you find yourself saying, “I don’t want someone else” there’s still hope. If you can’t wait for the relationship to end so you can hookup with your co-worker, the relationship may have reached its final chapter.

Your Relationship Is Filled With “Good Times”

The length and, more importantly, the quality of a relationship often dictates which relationships can survive tough times. The more positive, and good memories you have together the more likely you are to try and recapture what you already know is possible.

If you’ve only been together for like a month, and most of it was constant bickering, there isn’t much to bind you together.

Couples that have been together for years and decades, often give the relationship several opportunities to survive because there’s a strong foundation of happiness and good memories.

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