5 Signs You Might Be Dating A Jerk

dating a jerk

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by Healthoria.com – They can’t all be winners, you know. And sometimes that fairy-tale ending you were hoping for turns into a nightmare. Love makes it hard for most of us to see who people really are, and how badly you’re being treated. Here’s five signs you might be dating a jerk, and should be worried.

Your Family Tolerates Them

When you’re younger, your parents are going to be pretty vocal about not liking who you’re dating. Past the age of 18, things usually start to change. Your parents and family are going to try and “tolerate” someone they don’t like.

There’s a lot on the line for them, so they have to try. Their time with you is already limited, and the prospect of grandchildren tempers their disdain.

It’s usually pretty obvious when your family doesn’t like who you’re dating. If they look like they have lock jaw, because they’re biting their tongue – they don’t like them.

Your Friends Hate Them

If a casual acquaintance doesn’t like who you’re dating, it doesn’t mean much. If a long term friend is dropping hints, and pointing out some jerk-like behavior you should probably listen.

Unlike most of your family, your friends won’t be shy about not liking who you’re dating if they think they’re a jerk. Some will actively try to “influence” your relationship if they think you’re going to get hurt.

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You’re Always Apologizing For Them

When you’re dating a jerk, you’re going to feel responsible and even obligated to constantly apologize to the people around you. You can have very direct conversations with your partner, and point out behavior that people find offensive.

But it usually doesn’t matter. A jerk is going to do, what jerks do. Offend people.

How many times have you apologized this month for something you didn’t do?

They’re Always Apologizing To You

People who are selfish, inconsiderate, or just mean – know they’re a jerk. They know they’ve damaged relationships in the past, and they’re going to try their best for this time to be different. But a persons true colors will always come out.

If the apologies are becoming more and more frequent for “not nice” behavior, it will probably only get worse as the nice guy act fades.

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You Don’t Really Like Them

Love isn’t always fair, and sometimes we become emotionally attached to people who aren’t good for us. It can be difficult to separate who you want someone to be, who you hope they’ll become, and who they really are.

Most people have said, “I don’t know what they see in them”. Where a relationship just isn’t good, and doesn’t make sense. From the outside looking in, it always seems blatantly obvious.

But people have stayed in relationships for decades with someone they love, and truly care about, but don’t really like as a person.

Pin: Signs You’re Dating A Jerk

Signs You're Dating A Jerk

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