5 Minute HIIT Workout For A Quick Calorie Burn

5 minute hiit workout

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If you want to burn a ton of calories, and lose body fat, without spending several hours in a gym then HIIT is what you’re looking for. The workouts are incredibly short, and have shown to burn more calories compared to longer low intensity exercises. Here’s a 5 minute HIIT workout list you should definitely try.

How To Get The Most Out Of HIIT Workouts


The key to a successful HIIT workout isn’t the duration of your workout, it’s the intensity. The goal is to push yourself so you’re working near your maximum intensity level in short intervals.

Instead of chugging along on a treadmill at a moderate pace for 20 minutes, you’re trying to do as much as physically possible for 20 consecutive seconds.

Working in intervals of 20-60 seconds at a high intensity level has proven to burn more calories than longer workouts at a low intensity.

Rest Periods

You’ll want to keep your heart rate elevated for the duration of the HIIT routine. You’ll work in short intervals (20-60 seconds) and you’ll also rest in short intervals. If you’re taking a two minute break between exercise intervals you’ll likely be disappointed with your results.

The workouts are very short, so taking extended rest periods to catch your breath defeats the purpose of these types of workouts.


Depending on your fitness level, performing high intensity exercises everyday may prove counter productive. If you’re a competitive athlete, and you’re used to pushing your physical limits, HIIT workouts are probably a breeze for you.

But, for most people the demands of a HIIT workout make it less than ideal as an everyday routine. Once or twice per week is usually the sweet spot. Trying to fit in four or more HIIT routines per week often proves too extreme.

HIIT Workout List

Workout #1 – Group HIIT

Workout #2 – Whitney Simmons

#3 – Bowflex

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