5 Minute Calves Workout – Get Toned Fast

5 minute calves workout

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Calves are among the more visible muscle groups, drawing a lot of attention and glances when well developed. They flex and “pop” every time you walk across the room. If you want to improve the shape or muscle tone of your lower legs, here’s a 5 minute calves workout you need to try.

Secrets To Building Calves

Higher Reps

If you’re exercising regularly, but unhappy with the results, you may not be in the optimal repetition range for training calves. Your calves are one of the few muscle groups that can stimulate muscle growth with very high reps.

If you do 50 arm curls too often you’re likely to cause inflammation from overuse. But if you do 50 calf raises, your calves will respond very quickly with tone and muscle growth.

It Needs To Burn

Getting into higher rep ranges isn’t something most people are going to be used to, and there’s a pretty significant “burn” in the calves when you get into those ranges. But it’s a good burn. It means you’ve reached the muscle fatigue needed to stimulate a response.

If you reach the end of a calf exercise and there isn’t a burning sensation, you probably aren’t doing enough reps.

Stretching Matters

Stretching is always recommended but let’s be honest, sometimes you just skip it to get your workout over with. When it comes to calves, and building new muscle, stretching is more important than most realize.

Elongating the muscle heads of the calves will help stimulate growth and prevent injuries. Stretching before your workout has shown to decrease performance, so do all your static stretching after your workout.

5 Minute Calves Workout

Workout #1 – HASfit

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