5 Minute Ab Workout – No Gym Or Equipment Needed

5 minute ab workout

Sometimes you don’t have an hour or two to make it to the gym. When it comes to core work, the good news is you can get a pretty good ab workout in just a few minutes. If you’re looking for a quick, but effective, exercise routine give this 5 minute ab workout list a try.

Three Ab Rules To Follow

Minimal Rest Periods

If you’re resting for a full two minutes of the five minute workout, you’re going to be disappointed with the results. Ideally, you’ll want to transition from one ab exercise to the next with minimal to no rest.

This will keep your heart rate elevated to help burn calories, and will also make sure you’re getting the most out of a super short workout.

Modify Instead Of Stopping

You don’t need to be super fit to benefit from a short 5 minute ab workout. Some will be able to make it through the entire workout without breaking a sweat, and others will find it more challenging.

If you’re tiring before the end of each exercise, try to modify the movement to make it a little easier instead of completely stopping. On planks, for instance, you can drop your knees to the floor and squeeze out a few extra seconds.

Work Your Entire Core

A good ab workout is more than just doing 100 crunches and calling it a day. You’ll want to work your upper and lower abs. As well as your obliques and lower back.

Training your entire core will allow you to alternate movements and give each muscle group some much needed rest. Leg lifts will work your lower abs while giving your torso and arms time to rest after completing plank exercises, for example.

Ab Workout List

Workout #1 – Fitness Blender

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5 minute ab workout

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