5 Exercises To Improve Your Core Strength

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Exercises to improve core strength

by Healthoria.com

Developing core strength isn’t the same as trying to get your abdominals to pop out of your t-shirt. Abs are pretty, but core strength is about functional stability from multiple angles.

Functional Benefits Of Core Strength

Prevents Back Pain

Most people don’t associate lower back pain with weak abdominals, or core strength, but there is a proven correlation. Back injuries are incredibly common, regardless of age, and are often attributed to an underdeveloped core.


If you slouch while standing, or sitting, you can improve these hard to break habits with specific core exercises. A well developed core will help distribute your weight more evenly, and improve poor posture habits.

Daily Tasks Are Easier

It’s surprisingly difficult to find a daily physical activity that doesn’t rely heavily on core and back strength. If you find yourself tiring, or aching, from simple repetitive tasks (like housework, or gardening) your core may be the problem.

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Core Strength Exercises

There’s more to your core than just lying on the floor and banging out a few sit-ups. Here’s five great ways to improve your core strength in a few short weeks.


Vertical Leg Crunches


Side Plank

Flutter Kicks

At Home Core Workout – 10 Mins

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