5 Exercises To Get Bigger Forearms

exercises to get bigger forearms

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Forearms are one of the most visible muscle groups, and also one of the hardest to develop. If you’re training them like any other muscle group, it’s not going to work.

They need special attention, and a specific workload to consistently grow.  Here’s a list of the best exercises to get bigger forearms.

Wrist Curl Supersets

If you’ve hit a plateau, a lifelong hard gainer, or just aren’t growing anymore this is by far the best way to kick start forearm growth. There’s just no way your body is acclimated to this kind of punishment.

This was a favorite forearm routine of former Mr. Olympia, Larry Scott. What you need is three barbells, each with a different weight. Line them all up in front of you and do one large descending superset.

You bang out twenty reps (yes, twenty) with the heaviest barbell. Put it down and immediately pick up the next barbell and do another twenty reps. And then the deepest forearm burn you’ve ever experienced comes on the final set. Pick it up and do another twenty reps.

Do that descending superset five times, and your forearms will be screaming. Honestly, you’ll have trouble bending your wrist because there’s so much blood flowing through your forearms.

This isn’t something you’ll want to do every week, though. Once a month is all you want to do. Let your body recover, then the next time around make sure you’re either inching up the weight or pumping out 1-2 more reps to continue growing.

Heavy Hammer Curls

If the top of your forearms are lacking development you can bring them up to par with heavy hammer curls. Don’t waste your time by swinging the weight up with your shoulder, that doesn’t help. Try seated hammer curls with your elbows locked at your side.

Try to get 10-12 reps with as much weight as you can handle.

Heavy Grippers

There are different ways to develop forearms, and many skip over the use of grippers. If you’re using those plastic grippers you find in a bargain bin at Walmart you’re wasting your time. What you want is the big boy grippers made of steel.

It can take several hundred pounds of pressure to close some of those things.

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When you deadlift without wrist straps it places greater emphasis on your grip strength, and helps develop forearm density.

Weighted Pull-Ups

Like the deadlift, many don’t associate pull-ups with forearm development but they play an instrumental role in your pull-up strength. If you’re strong enough to do 15+ pull-ups you can start adding weight to challenge your forearms even more.

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