5 Diet Myths Most People Believe

Diet myths you shouldn't believe

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by Healthoria.com When it comes to losing weight there’s a lot of false logic and “bro-science” that can slow or directly inhibit your progress. Here’s five of the most common diet myths and why you shouldn’t believe them.

Myth 1 – Skipping Meals Causes Weight Loss

In theory, skipping meals should help you lose weight. You can reduce 300-500 calories per day if you were to skip breakfast every morning. In reality, however, it leads to other problems that can prevent or reduce your weight loss.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip

– You’re more likely to overeat later
– It can slow your metabolism

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Myth 2 – Eating Healthy Is Too Expensive

While fast and processed foods are more convenient, it doesn’t make them less expensive. Research has shown a comparable cost when purchasing fresh produce and healthier foods compared to regularly eating at fast food restaurants.

Buying Healthy Tips

– Don’t overpurchase fresh produce to avoid spoiling
– Buy dry goods in bulk
– Use cheaper foods more frequently (beans, legumes, oranges, cabbage)

Myth 3 – You Can’t Have Dessert

While it’s true most desserts, like cake and ice cream, can be destructive to your daily diet it doesn’t mean it needs to be completely eliminated. Being overly restrictive, to the point you feel punished, is one of the more common reasons for quitting your diet. Instead of completely eliminating your nightly desserts you can reduce the portion size or choose a more diet friendly option.

Healthier Alternatives

– Frozen fruit
– Popsicles

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Myth 4 – You Have To Eliminate Fat Calories

A very common misconception about weight loss and body fat, is fat calories are primarily responsible for the problem. This leads to the false logic that you can loose body fat by eliminating as many fat calories as possible. Studies have shown being overly restrictive with fat calories actually influences your body to utilize fewer fat stores.

Fat Calorie Tips

– Choose monounsaturated fats
– Reduce saturated fats
– Beware of zero fat diet foods (loaded with sugar)

Myth 5 – Overeating Is The Problem

“You eat too much”, is the among the first criticisms you’ll get when you’re overweight. Unfortunately, losing weight isn’t as simple as eating less. There are other contributing factors to being overweight that are dismissed when you say someone simply eats too much.

It’s not unusual for someone to reduce their calorie intake and not lose weight due to other reasons. Other factors that play a prominent role in addition to quantity of food eaten are:

– Type of foods eaten
– Age
– Metabolism
– Activity Level
– Other health related issues


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