5 Crucial Weight Loss Tips To Achieve Your Goals

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5 weight loss tips to achieve your goals

by Healthoria.com

We all know the basic concept of weight loss. It’s not a government secret no one knows about. Eat less, eat better and you’ll lose weight.

But there are some not so obvious problems people continually run into that wrecks their new diet. Surprisingly, it isn’t always eating too much that kills your diet plan.

Your behavior, mood, and psychology play a prominent role in success and failure. Here’s five important weight loss tips to achieve your goals.

Tip #1 – Set Specific Goals

Studies have shown a greater likelihood to stay with your diet, and achieve your goals, when you’re able to better quantify what you’re trying to achieve. When you’re vague and set a general goal of “eating better” or “getting in shape”, you’re less likely to follow through.

When there’s a well established and concrete goal, like “I want to lose 15 pounds” or I’m going “stop eating at fast food restaurants” you’re more likely to be successful.

If you quantify the finish line you’re more likely to maintain discipline and follow your plan.

Tip #2 – Don’t Burn Out By Over Training

This mistake is born from good intentions. Most people have gone overboard when starting a new diet or exercise plan. They push forward 200 mph, full speed ahead. It becomes their life. They’re consumed, borderline obsessed.

For the first week and a half.

Then the reality of how impractical training seven days a week slaps you straight in the face. When you set the bar so high, committing to exercise seven days a week, you feel like a failure if you only get in four workouts.

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Tip #3 – Set Realistic Expectations

“I’m gonna lose 50 pounds this month, and my ass is gonna look amazing”. If only it were that easy.

Psychology plays a large role in our daily habits, and willingness to follow through on long term plans.

If you set a goal that is impractical, and humanly impossible to achieve, you’re doomed to fail. It’s perfectly okay if your long term goal is to look like a greek god or underwear model. Just set realistic goals to get you there, and understand it takes time to lose a considerable amount of weight.

Tip #4 – Don’t Be Too Strict

Dieting, unfortunately, has a rubber band effect. If you pull too far in one direction you’ll eventually snap back and slingshot in the other direction.

When it comes to dieting that means if you’re too strict, to the point you feel you’re being punished, the snap back effect leads to overeating on a bunch of food you shouldn’t be eating.

Include small treats with your meal plan to help satisfy your sweet tooth and circumvent the urge to cheat.

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Tip #5 – Eat Real Food

The lure of a gimmick diet that restricts the variety of food you eat can be incredibly enticing. If followed strictly, you can lose a great deal of weight on these types of diets.

The problem is how difficult it is to stay with a liquid or “one food” diet for an extended period of time.

Most people struggle to maintain these types of diets for more than a few days. You feel bad about failing another diet, then go on a three day bender gorging on donuts and pizza to make up for the lack of solid food.

Stick with a practical diet plan you can sustain over long periods of time. The more variety in the meal plan the more likely you are to continue long term.

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