5 Dumbbell Exercises For A Sexy Back

dumbbell exercises for back
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One of the more important, and often underdeveloped, muscle groups is the back. Mixing in more back work does more than just improve aesthetics. It can improve posture, core strength, and add supplemental strength to many other lifts.

Toned Back Vs Bulky Back

Not everyone in the gym is trying to look like a 300 pound linebacker with a 24 inch neck. If your goal is more on the aesthetic side, and you’re not interested in getting super bulky here’s some rules to follow.

Bulky Back

Getting bulky is actually kind of hard, for both men and women. Unless you’re genetically gifted most people will struggle to get super huge. But adding more mass than tone is something everyone can do. If you wanted to add bulk this is what you would do:

Calorie Surplus (Eat 25-50% above normal calorie range)
Lift Heavy Weight
Low Repetitions (6-8 reps per set)
Limit Cardio (Cardio can be destructive to muscle growth)

The steps needed to tone are at the other end of the spectrum. So, if you’re goal is a lean sexy back, here’s the steps you’ll want to follow.

Toned Back

Calorie Deficit (10-20% below normal calorie range)
Lift Moderate Weight (60-70% of maximum strength)
Higher Repetitions (10-12 reps per set)
Increase Cardio (2-3 sessions per week)

Here’s a quick list of the best dumbbell exercises for a lean, sexy back.

Dumbbell Back Exercise List


Bent Over Row

Single Arm Row

Upright Rows (Upper Back)

Back Fly

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