3 Reasons Why You Need A Workout Buddy

workout buddy

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by Healthoria.com – Some people love to go to the gym. They’re driven like a mad scientist trying to take over the world. But for the other 99.8% of the civilized world, it’s a little different.

Most of us don’t aspire to look like a Greek god. We just want to look a little better naked. If you’re struggling with motivation, and skip a lot of gym days, you need to get yourself a gym buddy.

Here’s three big reasons why you need a workout buddy.


Raise your hand if you’ve ever put on all your gym clothes, but somehow ended up sitting on the couch for an hour instead of working out at the gym.

It happens to everyone.

One way to limit this from happening is establishing accountability with someone who’s waiting for you at the gym. When you have to tell someone you’re not gonna make it to the gym because “Netflix”, you’re less likely to cancel.

You should try to embrace the accountability of a gym friend, instead of hiding from it. It can help you workout and diet more consistently if you talk to someone about how your goals are progressing.

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More Fun

Some days are going to feel like a grind, but there will be more days where it feels like you’re spending time with a friend. Honestly, some days fly by without even realizing you’re exercising because you’re so engaged in the conversation.

You’re going to talk, laugh, and strengthen a friendship through a common goal.


We all seem to try a little harder when we know someone is watching. Sometimes we want to impress them, and sometimes we want to beat them.

A workout buddy can raise your interest, effort, and intensity level. You’ll find yourself pushing and encouraging one another as you progress and improve every week.

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Good Vs Bad Workout Buddy

Your workout buddy doesn’t need to be a fitness guru, or even someone who’s super fit. Focus more on the type of person they are, and how they treat you, rather then their fitness level.

Picking a bad workout buddy can make you regret, and actively avoid, trips to the gym.

Bad Workout Buddy

Cancels your gym appointments too much
Overly critical or makes you feel bad about your goal
Encourages you to abandon your goal

Good Workout Buddy

Makes you laugh
Positive attitude
Wants you to succeed

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