3 Popular Diets That Don’t Work

Diets that don't work

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Written by Healthoria.com – For most diets that don’t work the problem is usually a flawed philosophy or extreme rules that make it impossible to follow.

The diets listed below aren’t recommended, and have a high failure rate, because they’re hard to utilize for long periods of time or the weight loss isn’t sustainable.

What’s the point of being miserable, and losing twenty pounds, if you’re going to gain it all back within two weeks of stopping your diet.

Here’s three diets that don’t work, and you probably shouldn’t try.

Acai Diet

Basic Philosophy

While there are dozens of acai variants (diets, supplements, and drinks) they all rely on the premise of using the acai berry to promote weight loss. Some of the benefits attributed to acai are an increased metabolism, reduced cravings, and increased fat loss.

Why It Doesn’t Work

None of the weight loss benefits attributed to the acai berry has been supported with scientific studies. Many of the weight loss claims are extreme and misleading, but because it’s a supplement and not a drug it isn’t closely regulated.

While the berry is useful as an antioxidant, like most fruit, it isn’t a magical weight loss food and is unlikely to result in significant weight loss.

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The Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet)

Basic Philosophy

The Master Cleanse is a 10 day detox limiting your calories to a special lemonade drink and a laxative tea. It’s intended to help with digestion, weight loss, improved energy and mood.

It gained popularity as a celebrity diet when Beyonce used the diet to drop 15+ pounds for a movie role in a few weeks. If it works for Beyonce it has to work for everyone, right?

Why It Doesn’t Work

While it’s true it can cause rapid weight loss, due to extreme calorie restriction, the weight loss benefits are often temporary and not sustainable. As soon as you return to your normal, solid food, diet the weight will return along with much of the water weight you lost during the detox period.

It’s helpful for detoxing, and using as a cleanse, but not for long term weight loss.

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24 Hour Fast

Basic Philosophy

The fastest way to lose 3-5 pounds is to simply stop eating.

You can create a weekly calorie deficit of up to 15% if you just fast for one 24 hour period a week. In addition to weight loss, fasting once per week has shown benefits to inflammation, cellular repair and digestion depending on the fasting conditions.

Most 24 hour fasts require you to avoid all solid food, and limit yourself to liquids and low calorie broths.

Why It Doesn’t Work

It’s hard. Both mentally and physically it’s incredibly challenging. If you’re struggling with your weight and trying to lose a few pounds, you’re likely struggling with discipline and avoiding specific foods like cake, cookies, and all the goodies.

Well, if you struggle to avoid some food, it will be nearly impossible to avoid ALL food.

Other complications include headaches, dizziness, and extreme fatigue.

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3 Diets That Don't Work

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