3 Keys To Rapid Fat Loss

rapid fat loss

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by Healthoria.com – There are dozens of factors in a successful diet plan, but there are three keys found in every rapid fat loss diet. You can get everything else right — exercise, cutting calories, limit fast food — if you don’t focus on three primary keys it will be quite challenging to lose body fat quickly.

You can lose body fat without these primary tenets, but it will be a slow grind to a lower body fat percentage.  Here’s the most important rules for rapid fat loss.

No Sugar

If you only had the diet discipline to implement one rule, it should always be to eliminate as much sugar as possible. Sugar plays a primary role in your body fat and overall weight because it has a hormonal response directly related to fat storage.

Sugar Consumption –> Elevated Insulin –> Increased Body Fat Storage

When you consume large quantities of sugar in a short amount of time, like ice cream or candy, it spikes your insulin. The elevated insulin has a chain reaction with other hormones that results in an increased likelihood in fat storage.

Most people believe sweets are bad because they’re calorie dense, which is true. But the most damaging aspect of excessive sugar consumption is the hormonal response and the subsequent fat storage.

Anything with sugar and zero fiber will absolutely wreck your diet.


– Juice
– Soda
– Ice Cream

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Eat High Protein, Low Carb

Studies have shown a greater loss of body fat percentage on a high protein diet, compared to other diets. The main reason is because protein takes longer to digest which will help you feel satisfied much longer after a meal compared to a carb dense meal.

The low carb aspect, limits readily available energy sources in your system which influences your body to tap into stored body fat to utilize for energy.

Your body has a preference when it comes to energy usage. The food you eat is easier to utilize compared to body fat. So it will use energy calories consumed before energy calories stored.

If you restrict the carbs you eat, you can influences your body to utilize more body fat stored.

It’s also important to choose “good carbs”. A good carb is anything that digests slowly to help regulate and keep your insulin at a healthy level.

Good Carbs:

– Oatmeal
– Brown Rice
– Whole Wheat Bread
– Most Vegetables
– Beans
– Nuts and Seeds

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Increase Your Heart Rate

To achieve rapid fat loss you have to exercise. It’s entirely possible to lose weight and look lean without exercise, but it will have an exponential difference when you increase your cardio.

How much cardio do you need to do every week? You’ll want to exercise vigorously 30-45 minutes at least three times per week to see a quick drop in body fat percentage.

Excellent Calorie Burn:

– Kickboxing
– Running
– Crossfit

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rapid fat loss

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