3 Cardio Workouts You Can Do At Home

cardio workouts you can do at home

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Making a regular habit of going to a gym is a bigger time investment than most anticipate. Sure, you realize you’re going to exercise for 30-45 minutes, but the entire endeavor can take up to two hours of your day. Here’s some cardio workouts you can do at home, without wasting away a good portion of your morning.

Workout 1 – Biggest Loser Workout (Low Intensity)

Length: 25 Minutes
Difficulty: Low
Who’s this for: Beginners and those looking to restart their fitness routine after an extended break.
Equipment: Optional Dumbbells

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Workout 2 – Full Body Workout

Length: 30 Minutes
Difficulty: Moderate
Who’s this for: If you workout regularly, and are in good cardiovascular condition.
Equipment: Dumbbells

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Workout 3 – Bodyweight Bootcamp

Length: 45 Minutes
Difficulty: Advanced
Who’s this for: People looking for a challenge, and a longer workout.
Equipment: None

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At home cardio workouts

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