3 Big Reasons To Start Intermittent Fasting

Start intermittent fasting

Written by Healthoria.com – Intermittent fasting, and its many benefits, have taken the weight loss world by storm.  Walk into any gym, and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t used short term fasting.  If you’re still on the fence, and not ready to start intermittent fasting, here’s three things that will convince you to give it a try.

1 – You’ll Lose Weight

Intermittent fasting, initially used as a medical diet, has gained widespread popularity in recent years because it can also help you lose weight.  While there are numerous contributing factors, here are the three primary reasons why people lose weight while short term fasting.

Reduced Calories

While everyone wants to know the super secret magic bullet that causes the pounds to melt away, it’s really just math.  People, on average, will eat fewer calories while intermittent fasting. Using a well defined eating time frame eliminates unplanned snacking, often late at night, that contributes to a calorie surplus.

Weight Loss Hormones

Intermittent fasting helps to balance, and normalize, many of the hormones linked to weight loss.  Ghrelin, leptin, and insulin are all positively affected by intermittent fasting.

You’ll feel less hungry, burn body fat more efficiently, and improve your blood sugar levels while fasting.

Preserves Muscle Mass

One of the unwanted results of calorie restriction is the destruction of muscle mass.  As your body searches for energy, protein and muscle tissue can be broken down to be utilized for energy.  This has a negative effect on your metabolic rate and how many calories you burn each day.

Intermittent fasting can help preserve muscle mass, and reduce muscle breakdown, due to an increase in natural growth hormone secretion while fasting.

2 – It Helps Your Joints

While most people start intermittent fasting for weight loss, it also has a tremendous influence on inflammation and how your joints feel. If you’re struggling with arthritis, and constant joint pain, a daily short term fast can help.

Two major contributors to inflammation are insulin resistance and a build up of damaged cells in your body.

When insulin and glucose build up in the bloodstream it results in increased inflammation and contributes to the pain in your joints.  During a fast, the lack of food digesting will cause your insulin levels to drop resulting in reduced inflammation.

Intermittent fasting will also stimulate autophagy, which is when your body cleanses itself of damaged cells. When old and damaged cells remain in your body, and aren’t removed efficiently, it contributes to inflammation.

3 – It’s Easy To Start

Intermittent fasting is unlike most diets requiring you to change what’s in your cupboards and refrigerator. You don’t need to buy special food or cook special meals. Short term fasting will change the time you eat your meals without requiring you to make significant changes to your meal content.

That means you can start intermittent fasting today without having to throw out your food, or spend a single dollar at the grocery store.  No expensive meal kits to buy or special fruits and vegetables required.

You can continue eating the food you have right now, without any significant changes, if you’d like.   If you’re not sure exactly how to start, here’s a great intermittent fasting guide to get you up and running.

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Start intermittent fasting

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